Innovation in Tissue Culture

In 2014 we decided to try and make our tissue culture division of our nursery more efficient. We had a number of people manually transplanting tissue cultures into plug trays all day, every day.

It was in 1902 Gottlieb Haberland first started with plant tissue cultures and we realised that the transplanting of tissue cultures in nurseries had not changed since then.

We felt that if we spend enough time on this project, we could come up with an improvement on a process that had existed unchanged for 115 years.

After 3 years of trialling, improvements, more and more 3D models, further improvements and modifications etc. etc., we now have Nic-In Systems® that allows most tissue cultures to be planted in nurseries by automatic transplanters.

The patented Nic-In Systems® is being made available to every laboratory and every nursery around the world.

Nic-In Systems® Patent Protection

Goldfields Collection Pty Ltd has spent many years of research and development to develop the Nic-In technology and has gone to extensive lengths to protect its intellectual property. A comprehensive international patent protection portfolio is in place with multiple patents in 33 countries.

US Patent (14/776549) and Australian Design Registration (201710142) have been granted with the International 'Insert and Apparatus for Transplanting Plants' Patent Application (PCT/AU2014/000253) and Divisional Patents currently under Examination in 9 jurisdictions.

An EU Design Application (004100006) and US Design Application (29/610426) have also been lodged.

Patent applications for 'Transplanting Apparatus and Method' have been lodged with Australian Patent Application PCT/AU2018/051069  and International Patent Application WO2019/144176.

All technical drawings, instruction manuals, parts and accessories lists are subject to copyright and any non-authorised use will constitute a breach of copyright and potentially a breach of confidentiality.

Goldfields Collection Pty Ltd (ACN 123 993 519) is the owner of Nic-In Systems®, owner of the associated Australian and international patents and the trademarks AutoGel® and Jungle Juice®. Goldfields Collection Pty Ltd will vigorously defend its intellectual property against infringement.


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